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The Series 2000 Roll Covering Machine is designed for maximum versatility in big diameter applications. It applies rubber to rolls and cylinders mounted on a roll support and spin unit. Build thickness ranges up to 1¾” in one pass. Additional passes can provide greater thickness and machine customizing accommodates diameters greater than 100 inches.

Product Summary

The standard unit utilizes a 3½” extruder with 75 hp a.c. motor and controller. This provides variable screw speeds for handling a wide range of compounds. The Series 2000 is specially designed for high-speed production and can apply up to 900 lbs. per hour (depending on material). This means a 3½” ft. diameter, 200 ft. roll can be covered with a 1” buildup in as little as 1½ hours with only minimal supervision by one person. Automatic controls allow one person to fully cover any diameter or length, eliminating nearly all hand operations.


Besides the standard electronic sensor build control system, the Series 2000 can be supplied with optional digital sync build controls. This control system enables flat or edge-to-edge type builds (such as base stock) in addition to bi-directional application. A thickness monitor uses a series of lights to signal the operator if thickness tolerances are ever exceeded.


The extruder can be fitted with optional Orbidie ribbon width control systems for more extruder output at lower temperature.


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Product List

Spare Parts

Bladder Press

 Machine Length

- 10.9 ft (3300mm)


 Overall Length of Floor Track

- 50 ft (15.2m) standard. Additional lengths optional


· Machine Height

- 8.3 ft (2500mm)


 Machine Weight

- 14,500 lbs net (5500 kg)


 Machine Roll Length

- Can accommodate customer requirements


 Roll Diameter Range (After Building)

- With builder located as shown above and with reference to roll—3” to 100” (76mm to 2500mm)


 Cover Thickness Range

- Up to 1¾” (44mm) with each pass



- 3½” dia., 12:1 L/D, Plastiscrew standard


 Extruder Output

- Up to 16 lbs/min. (7 kg/min.) depending upon stock


 Standard Drive

- 75 HP DC motor with SCR controller and gear box


 Extruder speed

- 0 to 72 rpm standard—0 to 65 rpm optional


 Power Requirements

- 460V, 3-phase 50/60 Hz, 150 KVA


 Temperature Control

- 3 zone self-contained, temperature control unit


 Crate Dimensions/Gross Weight (Estimated)

- Builder: 150”L x 100”W x 110”H; Gross Weight 12,500 lbs.

- Rails, Misc.: