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The McNeil & NRM Series 638 Tread Strip Winder Assembly is used for applying and stitching extruded rubber ribbon onto a green tire carcass on one TBM. The Series 638 machine can wind either standard radial or wide radial tires.

Product Summary

 The Series 638 machine is mounted on rails that are perpendicular to the TBM centerline. This allows the machine to be moved from the tread winding position into the park position which provides room for other operations such as applying belts.

 The Applicator/Stitcher  Assembly is mounted on the azimuth arm.

 The Applicator/Stitcher Assembly is used to position, apply and stitch the extruded rubber tread ribbon to the tire carcass and to break the ribbon strip at the end of the tread build.

 The applicator rollers extend and retract relative to the carriage driven by means of a pneumatic cylinder (during automatic operation).

 McNeil & NRM Stripwinding uses the latest computer technology resulting in:

- Digital accuracy

- Weight repeatability

- Material and labor savings

McNeil & NRM is the world’s leader in Stripwinding Technology and inventor of the “Orbitread” Stripwinding process.

Our machines are used for retreading tires, manufacturing new tires, and applying the rubber insulation in solid rocket motors.

In the past 40 years, we have installed over 4,000 Stripwinding machines in over seventy countries and are used by most of the major tire manufacturers all over the world.

638 Tread Strip Winder Assy

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