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The Orbitread® Tread Building System represents the new generation in tire retreading systems. It’s the tire tread building system that delivers tomorrow’s features today, merging the latest in computer and retreading technologies with our proven innovations in new tire equipment design.

The result is an extremely versatile system that’s not only easy to operate, but will also enhance the productivity of your shop.

Product Summary

Extrudes Extra Tough Compounds

Orbitread® 2001 employs a 3” extruder with an advanced twin-roller die to process rubber at lower temperatures and higher speeds. With the Plastiscrew you can use a wide variety of rubber compounds—including those extra tough types being developed for today and tomorrow.


The 2001 can stripwind tires from 10” to 38” in bead diameter—everything from small passenger tires to grader tires.


Accurate Tread Weight Repeatability

To ensure a more uniform end product from the mold, Orbitread® 2001 uses the patented Spin Sync system. This feature ensures repeatability in tread weight by matching tire speed to ribbon speed during the wrap.


Microproccessor Advanced Control

Adding further to the 2001’s accuracy is its high level of electronic control. All major functions are controlled by a microprocessor and program controller. Hundreds of programs, each representing a specific die-size profile, can be stored in the system’s memory. The pre-programmed build-up is readily recalled from memory by simply entering an ID number on the built-in keyboard. Multi-pass rubber build-ups can also be programmed and executed automatically.


The 2001 inflates a tire at the push of a button. It also automatically deflates and returns the tire to the centered unload/load position after winding.


No other system offers such savings in time and labor. And no other system does so much to eliminate the chance for human error.


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Product List

Spare Parts


° Electrical

- Std 230 VAC, 60 Hz, 3 Phase, 150 Amp

- Std 380 VAC, 50 Hz, 3 Phase, 70 Amp

- Std 460 VAC, 60 Hz, 3 Phase, 70 Amp

° Pneumatic

- 150 PSIG @ 60 CFM intermittent

- (10 Atms @ 28 liters/sec)



° 3” cold feed, 25 hp, 3 Ph, AC, 72 rpm screw speed

° 3” Optional Plastiscrew for tougher stocks



° Maximum tread diameter

- 58” (147.3 cm)

° If centerline supported during hub inflation/deflation

- 65” (165.1 cm)

° Maximum section width

- 22” (55.9 cm)

° Maximum tire and rim weight

- 450 lbs. (205 kg)

° Bead diameter range

- Standard hub 13” - 38” (33.0—96.5 cm)

- Small hub (optional) 10” - 20” (25.4—50.8 cm)

° Mounting rims available for above ranges



° Stores and executes over one hundred tread programs.

° Keyboard for program selection from memory.

° Rechargeable battery backup for memory protection.

° Multipass building capability.

° Automatic or manual selector for extruder start.

° Automatic advance of tire to preprogrammed “To Start” position.

° Display of wrap count.

° Automatic return of tire to unload/load position.

° Plug-in type portable computer for program input.

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