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The McNeil & NRM Series 3600D Tread Strip Winder Assembly is used for applying and stitching extruded rubber ribbon onto a green tire carcass on two or more TBMs.

Product Summary

 The Azimuth Arm Assembly  is the structural frame mounted on the base section assembly which provides azimuth movement of the Applicator/Stitcher Assembly. The pedestal which supports the Applicator Head is mounted on precision slides which straddle and attach to the azimuth arm. Adjustment of the pedestal position to accommodate tire size is done automatically at time of set up.

  The Base Section Assembly is the portion of the base that can be moved on two linear slides for wind center adjustment and operating clearances. The base section assembly is driven by a Servo Motor.

The McNeil & NRM 3600D machine is mounted on air bearings allowing the machine to be manually moved to each TBM as required. The TBMs do not have to be in line to be serviced by the 3600D. The 3600D moves from TBM to TBM without restriction, other than the length of the air supply line that feeds the air bearings.

The Applicator/Stitcher Assembly is mounted on the base section azimuth arm. The Applicator/Stitcher Assembly is used to position, apply and stitch the extruded rubber tread ribbon to the tire carcass and to break the ribbon strip at the end of the tread build. The applicator rollers extend and retract relative to the carriage driven by means of a pneumatic cylinder (during automatic operation).

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